Simulation Modeling and Business Dynamics

This is an introduction to the basic aspects of modelling and simulation applied to problem solving and decision making in businesses with application to production/operations, logistics, service, and other systems. Emphasis will be on model building, application of basic statistical data analysis, and the use of simulation for design, evaluation, and improvement of operational systems. The topics

OPMG 403

Procurement Management

This course covers the role that procurement management plays in the business world and its value. It will discuss the different areas of procurement management such as: The Procurement Process-actual stages of procurement that businesses go through to acquire their goods and materials. Traditional and non-traditional versions. Ethics and Social Responsibility-The role that ethics plays in

OPMG 407

B2B Marketing

The course focuses on marketing between organizations and the interaction and communication between businesses in the global marketplace. The students will learn aspects concerning the business-to-business marketing environment, business-to-business customer relationship management, the identification of market opportunities for intermediaries and organizations, business partnerships and supply

MKTG 305

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

The topics presented in this course include supply chain (SC) strategy, integrating supply chain within organizations, design and performance measurement of SC, outsourcing, logistics and financial impact of SC as they apply to transportation, distribution, inventory management, scheduling, project management, forecasting, and other operational issues. Applied Software: Quickbase, or Megaventory

OPMG 303

Introduction to Quality Management

This course provides an overview on the continuous improvement process utilized in the management of quality in both production and service organizations. Emphasis will be placed on planning, documenting, implementing, and verifying quality assurance procedures. Topics covered include quality tools, measurement systems, statistical control, total quality management and 6-sigma. This course

OPMG 304

Logistics and Materials Management

Various problems related to the procurement, handling, storing and distribution of materials in different stages of production will be discussed. The topics covered include purchasing, material requirement planning, material handling and transportation, just- in-time, systems, learn systems and material management information systems. This course includes field trips to industries and business

OPMG 402

Inventory Management

This course examines the methods of production planning and inventory control for improving product competitiveness, cost, productivity and customer service. Topics include deterministic and probabilistic models, decision rules for inventory management, and just-in-time (JIT) systems or stockless production. This course includes field trips to industries and business. Applied Software: Any Open

OPMG 406

Operations Strategy

This course addresses the development and implementation of production/operations strategy and the integration of this strategy with the corporate/business strategies. Topics include planning and implementation of operations strategies, organizational design for operations, productivity improvement, and the implementation of production planning and control systems. Issues related to supply chain

OPMG 420

Distribution Channels Management

This course explains the nature of distribution channels in organizations and the different types of channel members. Throughout the course the students will learn the different distribution channels, how to select the distribution partners and how to establish a successful distribution system. The course will also discuss the services offered by different channel members such as retailers

MKTG 303