About Supply Chain and Logistics


Nile University Business School surrounded by technological environment educates responsible youth and young talents in order to pursue innovation-based business and improve the business environments in Egypt, the Middle East, and the continent at large.



This major is concerned with the approaches to efficiently integrate the flow of materials, finances, and information from suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers to the final customer, and back again. Walmart was able to cut costs with distribution costs estimated at a mere 1.7% of its cost of sales – far superior to competitors like Kmart (3.5%) and Sears (5%). Both Supply Chain Management and technology combine to make that major the future of successful business approaches. Skills needed include high math skills as well as systems thinking.

Recommended Min GPA = 3.0 or above.

The set of skills that Supply Chain and Logistics students will acquire are the following:

  •  Project management
  • Technical understanding
  • Cost accounting skills
  • Ability to understand financial statements
  • Understanding of e-business/e-procurement systems
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Understanding of cross-cultural /global issues

Careers you can pursue:

  • Procurement Officer
  • Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Production, Planning & Expediting Clerk
  • Owners of supply chain & logistics startups
  • Inventory Manager
  • Industry Analyst
  • Sales Logistics Executive
  • Export Sales Manager
  • Demand and Supply Planner (Manufacturing)