NU Raising Legends

Mostafa El Missery

Mostafa El Missery's Journey from Student Leader to Marketing Manager Mostafa El Missery, a Marketing graduate in 2018, represents the transformative power of education, extracurricular engagement, and mentorship. Throughout his academic journey, Mostafa actively participated in various student activities that not only enriched his experience but also shaped his character. His role as a Vice President and later President of the Student Union has especially provided him with invaluable knowledge in Marketing, Finance, and Event Management. These engagements also cultivated a strong network of
NU Raising Legends

Saif El Harouney

From Knowledge to Success: Saif's Journey in Operation Management & Supply Chains Seif has carved out a remarkable path in the field of Operation Management & Supply Chains. Following his graduation, Saif ventured into the market and made a name for himself in the Operation Management & Supply Chains arena. He stated that Nile University instilled the value of practical learning and continuing education even after graduation, and the support he gained from the professors helped him through his journey. Currently, Saif holds the position of Supply Chain Business and Technical Consultant at
NU Raising Legends

Israa Samy

The Inspiring Journey of DeNu Foods: Fueling Bodies with Nutritional Value Israa Samy is the Co-founder and marketing associate at DeNu Foods. She graduated from NU School of Business Administration in 2017. Israa was a determined student who had a vision to revolutionize the way people nourished their bodies. In 2017, as part of her graduation project, she conceived the idea of DeNu Foods. Little did she know that this idea would soon become her life's mission. Israa's passion for nutrition and wellness inspired her to combine her business idea with her husband's MBA thesis. Together, they