Selected Topics in Business

This course covers current and emerging topics in the field of Business.

BSAD 490

Distribution Channels Management

This course explains the nature of distribution channels in organizations and the different types of channel members. Throughout the course the students will learn the different distribution channels, how to select the distribution partners and how to establish a successful distribution system. The course will also discuss the services offered by different channel members such as retailers

MKTG 303

Consumer Behavior

This course studies the factors that influence the buying habits of consumers, the pre-purchase decisions and the post purchase evaluation processes. The course will provide the student with a broad analysis of the social, cultural, economic, and psychological factors that influence the decision-making process of consumers. Methods of measuring and analyzing consumers and consumer markets are

MKTG 302

Sales Management & Growth Marketing

This course will help the student understand and apply the principles of sales management and growth marketing tactics. The course will first include a thorough understanding of the actual selling function. Topics that will be discussed include locating and qualifying your customer, how to make effective sales presentations, and how to handle objections and close the deal. The course will then

MKTG 309

Customer Relationship Management

This course provides the students with the basic knowledge about the importance of long-term relationships with existing customers as a source of competitive advantage. The students will learn the strategies and methods used to increase customer satisfaction, to maintain customer loyalty and to improve customer relationships; the students will also gain knowledge about possibilities and principles

MKTG 402

International Marketing

This course introduces the students to the techniques and strategies needed to apply the marketing concepts to the global marketplace. Students will learn how to develop marketing plans taking into account the different cultural, legal, economic and environmental aspects of overseas transactions. Topics discussed include product policy, channels, pricing, and promotion with special emphasis on

MKTG 401

Advertising & Visual Identity Designs

The course aims to prepare the Marketing & IMC students on the best possible ways of covering of advertising strategy, design, implementation, which is based on research practice approaches. The course targets leveling students’ potential on using advertising to communicate their value propositions in the best possible ways to their target audiences. It will also include the development and

MKTG 409

Service Marketing & Customer Experience

The course aims to expose students before graduating to the aspects and strategies of marketing for services and the innovative service concepts that may give a brand a real competitive advantage and sustaining success. Students will be exposed to service quality models, the service gap model and to close the customer gap and expectations. Students will be exposed to how to map the customer

MKTG 418

Marketing Research

This course studies the role of research in the marketing process, the different research methodologies and the development of measurement techniques. Emphasis is placed on the nature and scope of marketing research methods for obtaining internal and external data and on the steps and processes involved in gathering and analyzing data.

MKTG 307

Integrated Marketing Communication

This course provides an integrative approach to the study of the promotion mix, including advertising, publicity, personal selling, sales promotion and reseller support. Students will learn how the different marketing communication elements work together to enhance the marketing function and to achieve maximum impact on the marketing plan and the organization performance. Students will develop an

MKTG 403

Digital Marketing

This course examines the nature of social marketing and how the adoption of marketing concepts, frameworks and techniques developed for commercial marketers can be applied to the solution of social problems. It also helps students understand how the digital economy works and develop the critical insights necessary to succeed in digital and social media marketing.

MKTG 417

Marketing Strategy

This upper-level course builds on concepts introduced in previous marketing courses. The focus of this course is strategic marketing analysis and marketing planning. The students will learn different marketing models and practices, the process required to develop marketing strategies, key strategic decisions. (value creation, communication, delivery…etc.), and will gain considerable experience in
MKTG 470

Introduction to Mass Communication

This course provides an overview of the evolving media landscape with the strong edge of technology and horizontal structure of its mechanism. The course examines the robust context for and theoretical perspectives of electronic and emergent media in the 21st century. Additionally, the course traces the interrelated nature of the new media industry and producers, mediated messages, and audiences

COMM 301