A Virtual Exchange Journey with Georgia State University

How is Nile University internationalizing its curriculum and breaking down geographical, cultural, social, and economic barriers?

Imagine having a team member collaborating with you on a class project who is not in your class, who is not even in your university or your own country, but rather a foreign student who lives  8,700 miles away, in a different country, and even a different continent. This is what Nile University (NU) students and Georgia State University (GSU) in the US found themselves doing last semester! 

Imagine engaging in deep discussions with your teammates across the globe about emerging trends and disruptive innovations that are shaping today’s world on political, economic, and social levels.

This is exactly what our Nile University Business School (NUBS) students in the International Business and Strategic Management courses got to experience with their teammates in the Global Business course at GSU, thanks to a captivating virtual exchange project.

For the second semester in a row and after the success of the first round, the School of Business Administration partnered with GSU’s Institute of International Business, a unit of the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at GSU located in Atlanta, USA., to provide students with a truly global learning experience. 

Students in the Strategic Management course analyzed macro-environmental factors impacting African economies, conducting thorough PESTEL analyses (political, economic, sociocultural, technological, environmental, and legal) for 17 assigned countries. Whereas, their International Business course counterparts focused on specific emerging market trends in these nations.

This cross-cultural collaboration was not just about academics; it was about building bridges. Over 190 students across both schools participated, guided by a dedicated team of faculty members and teaching assistants from both universities. This collaborative effort went beyond geographical barriers, fostering teamwork, cultural understanding, communication skills, and critical thinking.

From GSU, Dr. Don Willians led 90 students from two Global Business course sections, whereas, from NU, Dr. Doaa Salman, led 63 students from the International Business Course and Dr. Rawda Ali led 40 students from the Strategic Management course. Students were also supported throughout the project by Dina Abdelhafez, Instructor at NUBS, Neveen Badr, Teaching Assistant at NUBS, and Anitta Varghese, Graduate Assistant at GSU. The project was coordinated by Nada Bedir, Assistant Director of Graduate Studies at the School of Business Administration at NU.  

The impact? These virtual exchange projects exemplify how NUBS actively internationalizes its curricula, providing students with a global perspective, essential intercultural competencies, and valuable preparation for the interconnected world they will enter after graduation. It's not just about learning; it's about building bridges and preparing future leaders to navigate the challenges and opportunities of a globalized world.