Principles of Marketing Final Presentations

By the end of this semester, our Principles of Marketing students worked on great projects; they implemented 21 projects. They developed marketing plans and worked on rebranding the existing products with new marketing identities. Also, they worked on the marketing mix model regarding the product, place, price, and promotion.

In addition to the target audience, logo, and slogan. They worked on vintage brands such as Chato Biscuits, Arousa Tea, Pops Ice Cream, Kataketo Chocolate, Chixo, Riri, Kodak, Gersy, Best juice, Cologne 555, Rotato Chips, Jelly Cola, Borio, Shaheen Car, PSP Sony, Twinkies, Mandolin, Magic land, and Rani.

These projects were under the supervision of Dr. Mostafa Bolok and TA Ms. Menna Magdy.