Fintech Foundation

This course consists of four modules where: -
Module 1: What is Fintech? This module defines and describes the impact of technology on Finance and what we call Fintech. By studying examples, analyzing the causes, demystifying some concepts, and sharing a framework for finance innovation. It will give you a big picture of the Fintech revolution.
Module 2: The Financial Revolution This module delves into the technology aspects of Fintech, from the fundamental reasons of why technology is having such an impact on finance to key technologies such as cloud computing and blockchain.
Module 3: New Business Model in Finance This module looks at 4 specific sectors of finance that have been radically transformed because of technology: Challenger banks, Payments, Peer to peer lending, and Cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
Module 4: The builders of Fintech From Fintech startups to banks and large organizations innovation paths, we will look at the main trends shaping the Finance 2.0 opportunity.

Course ID
FINT 601