How EGBank disrupted the Banking Industry Session

We had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Nelly Mahmoud, Chief Marketing Officer of Youth Segment Services and Financial Inclusion at EGBANK.
Nelly guided our students through the story of EGBANK since its repositioning and launch in the Egyptian market. She emphasized the core elements of brand building and the importance of research to support decisions. Nelly highlighted how they identified a gap in the market through proper market study of the banking landscape and competitive analysis, enabling them to tap into a real opportunity for an underserved segment.

She demonstrated how the brand building is aligned with the strategic directions of the bank, and how the brand DNA and vision were set to reflect the new identity and persona of the brand consistently, focused, and relevantly to the youth segment. She also highlighted how they managed to disseminate the brand value through different initiatives and offerings that cater to the needs of the youth segment with banking and non-banking services like the MINT incubator.

A heartfelt thank you to Ms. Nelly Mahmoud for her continuous support and passion in sharing her expertise with NUBS students. This was part of the Brand Management course under the supervision of Dr. Noha Alaa and TA Menna Magdy.