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Sherine Al-Shawarby


Professor of Economics at Cairo University and currently the Vice Dean of Business School in Nile University. During her extensive academic and professional experience, Prof. Al-Shawarby held many positions, like the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science – Future University in Egypt (FUE), and the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in Cairo University. She also served as Deputy Minister for Economic Justice at the Ministry of Finance, and Senior Economist at the World Bank. She published numerous studies and co-authored many World Bank reports on the Egyptian economy and MENA region. Her scope of interest is on macroeconomic policies, poverty, welfare and social protection. She had a chapter on inequality and another one on Egypt’s food subsidy system in in two World Bank published books. Her latest advisory work in Egypt was with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Medium,Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency and the African Development Bank, and in Algeria with the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank. She has more recently worked with the World Bank in a multi-countryproject on “Financing Cash Transfer Programs”. She also currently works  with the ILO on “Climate Change’s Impact on Vulnerable Sectors in Egypt: Social Protection Mechanisms and Recommendations for Affected Workers”, and with the UNICEF, ILO and ERF on a project looking at “Inclusive Social Protection for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers” with her part focusing on finding financing model for inclusive social protection