Why Business Administration? 

Our curriculum is designed to equip students with the competencies and attitudes needed for success in the local and global workplace. It also provides the students with a unique learning experience where they can acquire different skills that help them adapt to a continuously evolving business environment.

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School Programs


Office of Challenged Students (OCS)

OCS is a center to provide services and assistive accommodations to students with disabilities that will promote their success and integration into college and college-related activities. OCS is welcoming students with different types of disabilities including learning, medical, physical, visual impairment, psychological disabilities or temporary health issues. OCS center works with students
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Teaching Learning Center

Teaching Learning Center (TLC)

The Learning Center (TLC) is an initiative intended to help business school students meet any academic challenges and prosper at the university. TLC is designed to assist students who are having difficulty in their studies and helps students with their academic courses to empower them to achieve academic success through quality tutoring, workshops, and follow-up. TLC helps students become more
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Studying for EMBA at Nile University has been an exciting journey. I got the chance to have an international experience through visiting professors and a well-established curriculum. The class discussions brought the market experience into the room through a unique mix of talents attending the program and with encouragement from the professors to engage in real-world cases, whether local or international. It was an eye-opener on different industries and taught me how to apply the learning in my job.

Mohamed Samy

Head of Digital Services, Ericsson Egypt


I cherish the time I spent learning at Nile university business school. I had the chance to meet and learn from the best mentors. They have both strong academicals knowledge and professional experience.

The NU EMBA program is exceptional because learning is based on analyzing live case studies bridging the theory to practice.

Moustafa Al-Ashram

R&D Operations Manager, Valeo Egypt


The EMBA program at Nile University is one of the best opportunities. The program had a significant impact on changing my way of thinking and expanding my knowledge. It was considered an academic program that provided theoretical information. However, it was more practical knowledge and intensive discussion to understand the concept and apply it.

Thanks to all the university staff from the professors and admins for all the support during my time at NU.

Mariz Garas

Software Manager, Valeo Egypt


Being a sales manager in a multinational corporation, I have to deal frequently with high-stakes business decisions requiring outstanding business acumen skills. Starting my career as a telecommunication engineer, I felt the need to strengthen my business knowledge with proper studies.


In Fall 2015, I decided to join Nile University Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) as the program was known for its teaching approach that mixes theoretical knowledge with practical case studies and its classes schedule that allows an executive person to manage the demanding EMBA program requirements besides their typical workload.


In the fall of 2017, I completed my EMBA program with a CGPA of 3.99 and with an enjoyable learning journey across multiple business disciplines like accounting, finance, economics, management & entrepreneurship, marketing, and operation management. I also enjoyed my intelligent discussions with my classmates of executives from different corporates and industries in Egypt.

Mohamed AboulFetouh

Network Design & Optimization Sales Manager, Ericsson Middle East & Africa


As a part of the financial management team within my organization, I gained much confidence. I became more capable of performing economic analyses with a knowledge-based performance. Completing my EMBA provided me with information, tools, and analytics to understand how companies operate, finance, or adapt to the market. In addition to developing my understanding of strategic thinking and how successful corporates adhere to it


Finally, I’m glad to be part of this program. Thank you, Nile University Business School, for your professional attitude and commitment. You did very well.

Mahmoud Seddik

Senior Projects Financial & Technical Control Department, Engineering Consultants Group ECG Egypt